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JavaWorld's Java Tips This site is for those of you who are intermediate to expert Java developers and are looking for new or better ways to use Java. JavaWorld offers a weekly collection of tricks, tips, and other gems of advice that you can apply immediately.

For the ultimate source of Java expertise, check out JavaSoft's Home Page . Here you'll learn the latest about embedded Java, Personal Java, JavaBeans, Java Security, Java Standardization and more!

The JavaBeans Advisor If your into beans, this site will bring you the latest news straight from the JavaBeans team.

JavaScript Resources

Danny Goodman's JavaScript Pages This site is the home of Danny Goodman who is the author of the fabulous JavaScript Bible. For those hard to find answers, look here!

Website Abstraction This website is a webmaster's learning center featuring tutorials on all aspects of web building.  A REALLY GREAT SITE!

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